EP. #2: Starting and naming my podcast

EP. #2: Starting and naming my podcast

In the second episode of “My journey: Building an online business in Nigeria”, I will tell you “how” I started my podcast and the process i went through choosing my podcast name. In this episode alone, you have been shown how super easy it is to start your own podcast and have been shown the tools I have used to get off the ground in less than 2 days.
EP. #2: Starting and naming my podcast
Audio Transcript

When I said this podcast is for doers, what do I mean practically?

I am literally saying “start from where you are”. I will use my journey to starting the podcast to illustrate the point. As of right now, I am sitting down, holding my phone and I am recording this podcast into my phone. Yesterday, I downloaded the application for the podcast, made a couple on notes on the format that the podcast will take.

The time right now is 11 a.m. and I am speaking into my phone. Yesterday I spent most of the day on youtube.com doing some research on starting a podcast, on what to do, how to do it, and all that. Many people gave tips and tricks; buy this kit, buy this equipment and that microphone to use for a better/ to get the best sound quality.

While all that is great, I do not have the capital to do that right now. I do not even know how this podcast will be received, I cannot afford to spend all the money into getting all that done. The truth of the matter is that the value of the podcast and the value of this podcast is in the content and not in the kit.

As I go further and as the podcast begins to maybe grow in fame and get more downloads and gets more comment, and people begin to engage in it more, then the podcast will qualify for me to invest more money into it.

Right now, I have a phone, I have internet that I was able to use to download Anchor.fm which is the application that I’m using for this podcast, and I’m speaking into a phone.

When I say be a doer, that literally is what I mean. I mean spending the littlest time possible to get off the ground and just get out there. Begin to engage with the potential audience that you are seeking after and as you grow, as you grow daily, you begin to improve, you begin to expand, and you will begin to get more sophisticated; but do not start day one with sophistication. Do not start day one in buying all the gadgets. Most people don’t start off that way, they startup small and they grow. As so when I say be a doer, that is what I mean. Start up small, startup well, and begin to grow.

Choosing a Podcast name.

Choosing a Podcast name. I believe that the name is very important and you have to understand exactly what you are doing when picking a name. The things that I did when I wanted to pick a name was to play around the theme that I wanted to talk about. This podcast revolves around starting a businessand so the two names that I ended up deciding between was “Day one” and “Flying start”.

I loved “Day one”. The concept of “Day one” was meant to be that every single day is an opportunity to start; so everything would be present new opportunities and basically an opportunity to start. So every day you get up in the morning is “Day one”there is a popular saying that the best time to plant an iroko tree was 20 years ago the next best time to plant an iroko tree is today, it’s “Day one”. Every day you get a chance to start “Day one”. The second name was “flying start” the idea behind the name “flying start” wars that once you have all the knowledge and information that you need to start, starting is easier and starting is faster than when you’re having to learn as you start right? so if you know the things that you need to do for instance to get a website, it’s easier to get off the ground faster while starting.

The name “Flying start” was meant to be a “you hit the ground running kind of concept”. The first thing I did when I narrowed down those two names was that I did a google search. I did a google search for “Day one”, and if you do a google search for “Day one” you’ll see that there is a journal app called ‘Day one’. They are all over google on the first page for “Day one” they have their own google play, Wikipedia page and all that. Someone already has this name and I didn’t want to have to compete with trying to rank for “Day one” with somebody who fully has a business that has”Day one” so we had to strike off “Day one”

The “flying start” was another contender and with a google search for “Flying start”, I mean a lot of people have things going on with “flying start”. There is a school somewhere in Lagos called “flying start Montessori”; British Airways have a global trader partnership that is called “flying start”; the Welch government have a program called “flying start”; there is an album by an American rhythm and blues and jazz fusion group called “flying start”.

There is a lot of flying start going on; so that was a no no. I decided to do a search, to  the give me inspiration and how to pick a podcast name and one of the key things that came from that is understanding that SEO is really important when it comes to podcast and when it comes to blogging and all this other information. and it is easier for people to find you when your podcast name has something they are looking for and is also unique to you.

After back and forth and still trying to find other names that would have resonated with me, I realised that the whole point of this podcast is showing my journey so why not call it “my journey”. I also know a lot of people in Nigeria are basically looking to start businesses online right, and so my journey, building an online business in Nigeria.

What that name does for me is to help my SEO. It will help me showing up on google as I begin to put out more content around this podcast and around that title. It increases my chances of ranking and on being seen on google. What that means that they will come to a point, and that would happen very soon when you search for building an online business in Nigeria on google, we will be on the first page; why? Because our name is relevant to the search, right? That literally is it; and so the the the name that I ended up choosing was strategic for search and the most important is that it is not about a fancy name.

For me, the content is king, reaching the most people and being able to help the most people is key for me. If I was let me say a big a well-known entrepreneur that many people already follow, maybe I could pick a name that is vague and ambiguous and based on the strength of the of my brand, people will engage with that content. As of today, when you are not well known, the chances of somebody going online, for instance, to type in “Day one” or to type in “flying start” find me it’s very slim; but the chances of ongoing online to search for an online business in Nigeria or content around that is much higher. When they do do that, we would be rightly positioned to be found.

Once it is found, they have a higher likelihood of engaging my content and then basically being a part of my family.

So that literally is how I picked a podcast name. The podcast name is not the name of a website that we are using as a channel to get the podcast out there; they are two different things and I will talk about that later, but right now, the name of the podcast is my entrepreneurial journey: building an online business in Nigeria.

Another point to make a note of is that my entrepreneurial journey: building an online business in Nigeria; you can basically spin it off in  many other ways and talking about journey basically then encompasses more things than it will be to just say a “Day one” or a flying start” it sets the customer expectation once they come. If you are scrolling through for instance your google play store or your iTunes or a list of podcasts right?, you just see “Day one”, “Day one doesn’t fully tell you what it is.

It could be anything; “flying start”, flying start could be anything, like we established a school actually is called “flying start” somewhere in Lagos according to Google; but it doesn’t set the expectations but imagine you have two podcasts and you are trying to engage with a podcast that is going to help you to work through your thoughts about online businesses.

You search for that and one says “flying start” or “Day one” and the other says my entrepreneurial journey: building an online business in Nigeria, immediately you look at the online business in Nigeria, that already sets an expectation, and you are more likely to check that one first and would only go to the second one if you’re not fully satisfied with entrepreneurial journey one. It helps you set the expectation of those who want to engage with you. It helps set expectation which is very good cause customers and people who engage in content have literally seconds to determine and to decide whether they want to engage with your content or not.

With a very direct name, it’s helping set the scene; set expectations; they don’t have to spend a lot of time trying to determine whether they want to engage with your content or not. It’s easy if they are looking for content around what they want and your content is named after that, it is easy for them to decide to engage.

I know this is quite long but that literally is how we picked the name.

Thank you so much for listening again and if you have any questions please do feel free to send it, I’ll do my best to answer as best as I can.

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 Thank you so much again; I remain your host, Mofe. Whatever you do stay Insightful

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