EP. #1: Introductory episode

EP. #1: Introductory episode

In the first episode of “My journey: Building an online business in Nigeria”, I tell you a little bit about myself, “why” I am doing this podcast, and how to get the best out of the podcast.

stay Insightful.

EP. #1: Introductory episode
Transcript of Audio:

Hey guys, l welcome you to My entrepreneurial journey: Building an online business in Nigeria. I am your host Mofe.

A little bit about me my name is Eyinimofe Adeniran. Eyinimofe literally means “this is the one that I want”; I absolutely love Eyinimofe, and I would have loved “this is your host: Eyinimofe”; so you guys do not cut your tongue and for the purposes of this podcast you can call me Mofe. Actually my friends call me Mofe.

I am a lawyer by profession; studied law both in the UK and in Nigeria, and got called to the Bar in the UK and in Nigeria and I practiced for a very short period of time.

In 2016 I started my first official online business called jaraCake. jaraCake is a marketplace for cake. It is like an Uber for cakes concepts, for cakes and confectioneries in Nigeria. We have covered 22+ states and cities across Nigeria, and we have Baker Partners across those 22 states. We are able to help our customers both Nigeria and Abroad, find cakes and confectionaries, and have them delivered on their behalf.

Before I started the business, I had no tech background. I started to learn to code actually in 2015; a bit of HTML & Javascript. It was clashing with my studies at the time so I could not continue it. I found out early on that I did not need to know how to code to start and own an online business. I will go into all that in later chapters/ later episodes of the podcast.

That is it about me, I’m still running the business now and we have a lot of happy customers. We are still growing every-day and yeah that’s it about me and the journey thank you. 

Why do a Podcast?

Why do a podcast about my journey? Who the heck are you and why should anyone listen to what you have to say?

We have never heard about you or your business before blah blah blah. I actually had all those thoughts before deciding to start… and I am sure some people will not listen because of that…  and aight too. No one product is for everyone. Everyone drinks water but not everyone drinks the same brand of water.

The simple answer why i am doing a podcast is that i see a lot of passionate and hard working Nigerian youth want to start their own online business but struggle for lack of resources and technical know-how… just like i did a few years ago. I believe that by creating content that chronicles my entrepreneurial journey of starting my online business in nigeria many can learn from my experience and be more equipped to actualize their goal of starting and growing their own online business. I will be sharing things about bootstrapping your business idea, finance, legal, woowing your customers etc


Getting the best out of the podcast

How do you get the best out of this podcast and how do you ensure that this podcast and the time spent listening is not wasted and it actually brings value?

The first thing that I would say is “I’m not a motivational speaker” we have enough motivational speakers, enough motivation Monday, I don’t know how much action that has spurred anybody into, but that’s there own prerogative. So this is not a motivational podcasts, this podcast really is for doers,

It is for those who are tired of where they are and who want to go forward, and that was where I was 2 years ago.  who are looking for people to put tools in their hands and to share not just the ‘what’ but the “How’s” in their journey. Once you know the How’s, you can begin to implement.

This literally is the tone of this podcast. In order to get the best out of this podcast, please do not come here thinking you know it all, I do not know it all. nobody does. Don’t come here to get motivated.

There will be more serious topics and there will be chilled out gists. Come here to add a little more to what you already know, to unlearn and relearn,  so that you can move forward in your entrepreneurial journey, build products people want and leave the world a better place than you met it. Thank you.

Leaving a comment is also not a crime punishable under the Nigerian criminal code. If you share this post I promise I won’t be upset :-)

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