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Its been a while since I have produced any form of content for my blog and for those who got used to reading what I had to say, I'm sorry with 'cherries on top' for falling off the consistency wagon. After much reflection I can truly say I have located the root cause of

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AgriHUB: Feedback rave

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The turnout for the event was great; It was a day-long workshop with about 7 speakers. In spite of the fact that AgriHUB had no corporate sponsors for the MAY workshop, she still charged N500 less than what Leap Africa...

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Conference Review: Leap Africa’s 11th annual CEOs forum

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What I will get however is another call to convene at another venue and a requirement to cough up upwards of N5,500 for another 'impact-full' conference. (not to forget the ever so charming text message sent to me by Leap Africa 'hoping' I learnt something but refusing to ask me the participant for feedback which can help make next years conference better for all the stakeholders.

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101 Nigerian business ideas (31-40)

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36. Education: The days are long gone when the only place a person can learn is in the confines of a physical classroom. There are many online educational channels where people can learn all manner of subjects. You can own your own online school and avoid all the administrative, regulatory and financial requirements that come with opening a physical educational establishment.

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