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AgriHUB: Feedback rave

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Finally!!! Someone/Something to really ‘rave’ about. That ‘someone’ is ‘AgriHUB’ and that ‘something’ is ‘data’.  

Very few business/NGO’s truly understand the importance of the customer data they gather. Many ask individuals to fill in their personal details as a part of a registration/purchase process but do not fully understand the power that lies within the information provided? With regards to conference/workshops, data should not be collected with the sole aim of inviting previous participants to future events. Data should be collected with the aim of gathering relevant feedback from related stakeholders.

I recently received an email from AgriHUB that put a smile on my face. AgriHUB is an agriculture-related startup that organises workshops to ‘equip people with knowledge that would enable them to produce globally competitive products’. I received the AgriHUB email a few days after publishing my Leap Africa’s 11th annual CEO’s Conference review (See related extract of the post below):

“…What I will get however is another call to convene at another venue and a requirement to cough up upwards of N5,500 for another ‘impact-full’ conference. (not to forget the ever so charming text message sent to me by Leap Africa ‘hoping’ I learnt something but refusing to ask me the participant for feedback which can help make next year’s conference better for all the stakeholders…


On the 11th of May 2016, AgriHUB held a workshop themed: “Simple steps to take made in Nigeria products Global“. By the end of the day, AgriHUB had already sent out an email asking all participants to give them feedback about the workshop.

The first screenshot below shows a message from AgriHUB asking participants for feedback. The second screenshot shows that AgriHUB acted upon the feedbacks received:

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 9.51.00 PM
Feedback request email
Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 3.16.11 PM
Email showing how feedbacks were used

The turnout for the event was great; It was a day-long workshop with about 7 speakers. In spite of the fact that AgriHUB had no corporate sponsors for the MAY workshop, she still charged N500 less than what Leap Africa (who had big corporate sponsors/partners) charged participants to gain entrance into the workshop. 

The name of all the sponsors of the Leap Africa 11th annual CEO's forum
Leap Africa’s Sponsors/Partners @ the 11th annual CEO’s forum

AgriHUB did not send out a random message to participants telling them to get ready to reconvene for another workshop at a future date. NO! NO! NO! AgirHUB made sure she FIRST received feedback from participants and based on the result/information gathered through that feedback, decided on the next course of action (speakers, fees, venue, etc) for the next workshop. 

Based on feedback gathered not baseless assumptions, AgriHUB has reduced the number of speakers that will speak at the July workshop. 

See related posts: Leap Africa’s CEO’s forum conference to put the present ‘Rave’ in context.


AgriHub’s actions are commendable. Even the mighty GTBank still hasn’t sought to obtain feedback from the thousands of participants who attended the 1st annual GTBank food and drinks fair. I sure hope GTBank has read my review of the fair.

A very well-done to AgriHUB. 

For enquiries about the workshop in July send an email to

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Eyinimofe Adeniran

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