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Before tech

Growing up I’ve always wanted to be a Lawyer. Apart from the fact that I was constantly told I talked a lot, I had heard about the OJ Simpson trial and I felt criminal law was for me, more specifically helping people who had been victims of miscarriages of justice.

Although I was an average student in primary and secondary school I was very fortunate my Dad could afford and did allow me to study abroad. While there are people who would have taken this as an opportunity to flex and enjoy the privileges of leaving home for the first time, all I was concerned about was making sure I didn’t fail.

I finished my undergrad with a 2:1 grade and nothing else noteworthy. I had wrapped myself in books I did not immerse myself in anything else. I went on to Leeds to do the BVC, the vocational training for those who wanted to practice as Barristers and upon successful completion of that, I was called to the Degree of the Utter by my Inn, Middle Temple.

After unsuccessfully trying to get pupilage after my call to bar in the UK, I decided to come to Nigeria to attend Law school and also get called to practice Law in Nigeria. I returned and after a year an a half I had completed Nigerian Law school and was called to the Nigerian Bar. My NYSC was at a Law firm and I quickly realized the version of practice in my mind and practice in reality were 2 very different things. One case could be in court for years without ever getting to the meat of the matter. Criminal law started looking very unappealing.

After NYSC I launched my own Law Firm (in hindsight I shouldn’t have, that’s gist for another day sha). Long and short of it, It was a train wreck. While still trying to figure legal practice out, My Parents were pushing for me got get a masters degree. I had always loved food and had always wanted to go to culinary school at some point but talking to my Dad he made me realize I hadn’t thought the whole thing through properly.

I finally agreed to prepare for the GMAT and apply to graduate school and less than a month into that plan life happened. I had a health challenge and so plans paused for literally a year. After my recovery I decided to give the masters pursuit another go, especially because Culinary school was now on the table as long as MSc. came first.

For as long as I can remember, growing up (pre teens) up till now, every year we would hang these calendars on the wall that had the words “Innovation” “All great ideas have small beginnings” in the middle of the calendar. 

Even in year 2022, there’s a calendar hanging on my wall with the inscription “All great ideas have small beginnings”. 
“Innovation” had legit been staring me in the face all my life. Was that why I choose that path at Warwick?

Fresh start

I applied and got accepted to study Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Warwick. (Las las, I would get the degree and bring some much needed innovation to the Nigerian Legal system). 

… Returning to the UK this time was very different. I felt like a different person. I was no longer afraid of academic failure; maybe It was because of the near death experience I had just come out from, but I decided that I was going to maximize my experience both in and out of the classroom. I was going to live to the fullest.


Falling into tech

At Warwick, I applied for student office (I won!) ‘the only black person on the board’, I started learning to code through Warwick Coding Association, HTML, CSS, javascript (I had never heard of ‘coding’ before Warwick) I was a finalist at the Warwick Apprentice business competition (My team and I pitched a photobook idea); I managed a grocery delivery tech startup (when the founders flew to Y Combinators to pitch the startup); and an experimental online food business (More gist on these in another post). Planned some big parties for the MSc. Nigerian community and I can go on and on. The icing on the cherry of all these is that I actually finished with a first class grade… (In spite of all my extra curricular waka lol) “My very first “First Class”. My thesis Supervisor recommended my work was publication worthy and also talked about a PHD (PH what? I quickly shut that ish down …no offence to anyone doing/plaining to do a PHD). 

Warwick opened me up to the world of tech and the kinds of impact tech businesses can have. In my mind it seemed like more impact than legal practice could give.

My Thesis title was “What are the major risks that new peer to peer startups face during their inception and how can these risks be reduced to ensure startup success” 

Finding Purpose

Within a year of being at Warwick my Life’s direction had somewhat changed. I was no longer interested in going to culinary school or legal practice. Though a giving up my culinary school dreams was painful (I actually cried) I knew God wanted more for me. Literally He said instead of just going to culinary school and probably being a chef, I can create the online platform that brings these artisans online and help them grow their business online and *be able to afford to send their children to Harvard, if they so wished.  

I had always broken my heart that I didn’t see any financially independent women growing up. All throughout my many years of study, I only had one friend whose Mum paid his Tuition fees and upkeep. 

Deep down, I had always wanted to be that picture of a financially independent woman and I also wanted to help those around me be  financially independent too. Choosing Tech showed me It was possible, and set the direction for founding amongst other things.

At my core, I am extremely passionate about the Financial Empowerment of Women & the role Tech can play to make our lives better.

I want to help Women Entrepreneurs become so financially independent that they can afford to send their children to Harvard University if they so choose.



When I returned to Nigeria, I started blogging. I realized we did not have a lot of academically sound business blogs targeted at Nigerian startup founders. So while I figured out what next, I started blogging

Africans are the best people to tell their own story 

My friend an I ran it for a while and then we shut it down. By then I just started MVP for the jaraCake idea. I learnt how to build WordPress sites online and built the website. Till date I have built the site and a few others sites too. Definitely complete U turn from all things law. 

I did a Lean startup for jaraCake, the idea validation, proof of concept etc.

jaraCake is an online marketplace that aggregates bakers across the country and makes it super easy and convenient for anyone in Nigeria and Abroad to buy cakes and have it delivered to their loved ones.  Our core is same day and next day orders/deliveries. We delivery in over 23+ states and 98% of our vendors are women. We have paid out millions of Naira to our women led bakery partners for cakes sold via



Womenpreneur news publication

I was one of the top 50 finalist out of 38k applicants at the 2020 Access bank Womenpreneur Pitchaton competition/Class valedictorian for my Mini MBA Class organized by the International Finance Corporation in partnership with the World Bank.

*Find me on the second roll, 3rd person from the left 🙂

(I pitched jaraCake.)

Top 3 Finalist at the She Leads Africa Pitch Competition tagged ‘She means Business’. (I pitched jaraCake.

Finalist of the Tush Business Pitch Competition to name a few


SLA pitch finalist

Other streams

Beyond jara

ripe almond records logo

I launched a Record Label called Ripe Almond Records. We specialize in artist management, Distribution of Artist Music, content creation/social media management, event management, etc focuses on a few things: sharing my entrepreneurial journey through my blog and Podcast. writing about African startups & founders, Publication of paid & free e-books and online courses

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Fun Facts

I am an adrenaline junkie and would love to race Lewis Hamilton (winning will be the goal…, obviously, I know what you are thinking lol, … never say never).
I also love to play badminton.

Paradox: I love eating healthy as much as I love things like Lindt chocolates and other superior quality junk food.

Why eat McDonald’s when there’s GBK & 5 Guys?🙈 Why chicken republic ice cream when there’s Hans and Rene’s Ferrero Rocher’s ice cream special? #justsaying

My love for food and exceptional service is the major driving force for my restaurant review. I’ve justified my many food purchases on the bases of “I’m going to write a review” I just chop, clean mouth and move on lol


Psalm 68:10 (msg); Numbers 17:8 (NKJV)


  1. To feed Nations and fund cures to Incurable diseases
  2. To help as many women as possible to be financially independent in their personal life and in business
  3. To create businesses and opportunities that help others (especially women) to create generational wealth
  4. To see and help create Nigerian businesses and products that will be adopted globally
  5. Building innovative companies and empowering other to do the same
Business Model Canvas for
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Speaking Engagements

Yes I do both international and local speaking engagements. To name some:

I gave a lecture to 1st year students at the Coventry University, United Kingdom. I spoke on Female entrepreneurship

I’ve taught a Masterclass on Business Model Generation for the Eruptify Academy. 

I’ve taught a Masterclass on running a sustainable online business for the Business Minds Group.

5 Things I’m very passionate about speaking on:

1. Faith 2. Lean Startup/Bootstrapping/DIY 3. Business models 4. Financial Empowerment for Women 5. Customer service 6. Studying Abroad 7. Skill/Knowledge acquisition

For Speaking Request, please send an email to: