… God led me to launch jaraCake.com after a near death experience, a 1st class MSc. degree and a failed ‘ish startup blog… in that order. 

…With no tech background I’m literally building the Amazon for cakes in Africa. We cover 25 Nigerian states so far.
I’m the one to meet when you have a new idea and want to talk MVP, Lean, idea validation, proof of concept etc.

Sweetheart in Chief | Entrepreneur | UK/Nigerian trained Barrister | Startup Blogger/Content Creator |  Foodie

My greatest joy:
1. When we notify buyers their order has been delivered and increase vendor partners bank balance 🙂
2. Making work flow easier
3. To feed Nations and fund cures to Incurable diseases
4. To create businesses and opportunities that help others create generational wealth.
5. To create businesses in Nigeria that will be adopted globally

Business anchor: Psalm 68:10 msg; Num 17:8 NKJV

Fun facts: I am an adrenaline junkie and would love to race Lewis Hamilton
I love to play badminton
Paradox: I love eating healthy as much as I love Lindt and superior quality junk food. Why eat McDonald’s when there’s GBK 🙈. Why chicken republic ice cream when there’s Hans and Rene’s Ferrero Rocher’s ice cream special?

I was invited last year by Coventry University in the UK to speak on entrepreneurship

I was invited by the Eruptify Academy to teach a masterclass on Business Model Generation

For questions, comments and feedback, send me at email: – EMAIL@EYINIMOFE.COM

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The Amazon for cakes and confectioneries in Nigeria.

Coverage: 24 Nigerian states & counting

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