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101 Nigerian Business Ideas (1-10)

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Over the next 10 days, I will be posting 101 business ideas that can be executed in Nigeria. I will upload 10 business ideas daily. Check out this blog every day to see my daily updates.

This post is not simply stating the ‘problems in Nigeria’ it is all about the solutions as well. Many people tell me they are looking for ideas, well here are some. Many of the ideas are not solar panel innovation related ideas, or an idea on how to solve Nigeria’s electricity problem, but I believe they are simple solutions some Nigerians might be willing to pay for. You are under no obligation to solve all the problems faced by every Nigerian. Just pick one and run with it.

Entrepreneurship is all about providing solutions that make people’s life’s a little easier. Who says you can’t have money off simple ideas?

Many of us have so many ideas, more than we can execute in one lifetime. So, if a problem shared is half solved, maybe an idea shared is half ..?.. (Suggestions are welcomed in the comment section below.)

In no particular order, let’s begin ideas 1-10:

  1. Tech/Transportation: It’s not news that petrol is now N145 💔 in Nigeria. With this downer comes many great opportunities; My number one business idea: A car🚘 sharing app to reduce the number of cars on the road. There is no reason why 2 individuals who live in the same neighborhood and work in the same area should have to drive two different cars to get to work.
  2. Retail/Manufacturing: The art of selling goods on the road has not changed. Sellers either have the goods on their head or on their arm. have we ever asked ourselves what the long term implication of it is? many are even seen running with said goods. There might be an opportunity here for product design: Specially designed carrier bags that can make the job a little easier for them.
  3. Food/Manufacturing: I’ve heard that we are a big producer of groundnut and in my mind that should translate to many many peanut inspired products. One especially close to my heart is a peanut butter line: from a spicy peanut butter flavors to cinnamon peanut butter flavors and so on.
  4. Food/Retail: For a country so close to the equator someone might have guessed that Ice cream would be our national food. Apart from the unbranded lollies sold on the streets of Nigeria, it’s really only fan-yogo I see around. It’ll be great to have a fleet of  ice cream selling trucks riding around Lagos with their music playing loud from their truck to get the attention of people around.
  5. Farming/Retail: How do you begin farming when u don’t have a piece of land? Well, one of the speakers at the recently concluded Agrihub workshop actually said there are places in the North where you can pay a certain amount of money to buy a fruit tree, and every fruit the tree produces belongs to you to pluck and sell. It’s a small way to start, but you can only grow from there.
  6. Food/Manufacturing: All my small chops lovers in the house put your hands in the air, and wave it like you just don’t care:) Small chops is best served hot but unfortunately this cannot always be achieved for very obvious reason. So my legendary solution to this problem is this: ready to bake/ fry pastries like samosas, spring rolls, and pies.
  7. Health/Food: I’m not sure how the memo went round, but there’s a health craze. Fit-fam thing going on now. Unfortunately, it is not very easy to eat clean especially with carb surrounding a fit-fam*er everywhere she goes. make it easier for fit-fam*ers to eat healthier, produce and sell pre-cut Mixed vegetables. It’s that basic.
  8. Fashion/Manufacturing: Either I don’t go out often or I’m not going past the right places but I can’t help but notice that 9/10 of the manikins on display in retail stores do not look like me. What’s up with dressing up white looking manikins in a predominately black nation. I am sure the manikins are imported. We can produce our own manikins.
  9. Health/Food: Bread, not ice cream seems to be our national food. It is everywhere, watching us, and making its way into the diet of everyone from CEO to the toddlers. In-spite of our love for bread, we haven’t made bread work for us. there has been very little innovation in the bread department. A while back, I saw a documentary of a young Kenyan or South African man making and selling spinach bread. A healthy alternative to traditional bread. With the big numbers we are raking in on people with diabetics, heart disease, and high blood pressure, we need all the alternatives we can get: spinach bread/other types of vegetables infused bread
  10. Tech/Art: Many times I drive around Lagos, I see portraits of personalities like the Lagos state governors and even our president. We have so many portrait artist in Nigeria who unfortunately have a very limited audience to market to. A great idea would be, a platform where portrait artists can signup to and showcase their art to the whole of Nigeria and the world. Fancy having portraits of you as a birthday present?

If you have ideas you want to share with the family, send them via our contact page, and I’ll be sure to feature it on the countdown (along with your name as a startupdemands contributor).

Start and Stay Inspired. Together we can make Nigeria great.

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Eyinimofe Adeniran

Eyinimofe Adeniran

Eyinimofe is a Lawyer turned Tech Entrepreneur. She is the Sweetheart-in-Chief of (An online marketplace to buy cakes, treats & Gifts from the best Vendors in Nigeria) & Ripe Almond Records (An Artist Management & Music production/distribution Company). She believes that Africans should tell their own stories. Her Life Mantra(s): "Whether you do it brave or scared, just do it" "Find a Way"

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  1. Josh

    Wow…beginning from the number 1 blew my mind already.
    Lot of ideas just being read…ama make sure to do something here. Thanks whoever posted this.

    1. Eyinimofe

      Thank you so much for leaving a comment Josh. Apologies this reply is coming late. I left blogging for a while when I started my business but I am back now with my own website. Yeah, it was a lot of work actually lol. Most blogs I see are very surface level… more quantity than quality… Were you able to do one of the ideas, if so, which one?. This is my new site. It has all my old posts from startupdemands and I have also started a podcast. Check out the first episode here it’s still under construction so please any ASK (Actionable-Specific-Kind)feedback will be appreciated. thanks a lot. Are you in the startup scene too? hope to hear from you soon. stay insightful.

  2. Kris

    Nice one but send more to my inbox.thanks

    1. Eyinimofe

      Thanks for ur comment Kris. What do you want me to send to your inbox? Ideas 11-101? All the idea 1-101 have already been published. Go tru the site. Thanks and stay insightful