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101 Nigerian Business Ideas (41-50)

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The 101 ‘Nigerian Business Ideas’ series continues with ideas #41-50, spanning from a towing device for cars to designing and manufacturing shoes.

Let the Ideas continue:

41. Tech/Finance: Most, if not all startups need a minimum amount of money to start/execute their business idea. In the West access to finance has been made easier by a phenomenon called Crowdfunding. On a Crowd-funding platform, entrepreneurs seek a donation from just about anybody in the society to help fund their business idea by creating a crowd-funding site in Nigeria, you will be creating a platform for many people to pitch their business ideas and secure crowd funding without giving up equity.

42. Production/Food/Retail: While there are some people who do not care for hot *Habanero *atarodo chili pepper, many more of us absolutely love it. The biggest chili sauce brand is the tabasco pepper and the company that makes this sauce has been in existence for over 100 years. We can make our own ready to eat *atarodo sauce.

43. Retail/Vehicle: Whether we make it or import it, the food truck phenomenon has helped many culinary enthusiasts in cities like New York to start their culinary journey with less capital than they would have been required to pay if  they  had opened a traditional physical brick and mortar restaurant. Selling food trucks will enable you to help other people to achieve their culinary dreams. 

44. Tech/Events: Many Nigerian wedding invitations are designed for physical printing; after the event the card is tossed in the bin. Physical prints aren’t the only option. A platform can be created that allows the couple to design their own wedding e-invitation card and email it to their guests. The services of the platform can extend beyond weddings invites.

45. Manufacturing/Vehicle: Does anyone know how much it costs to tow a vehicle from one end of Lagos to the other? whatever it is, it’s an amount you’d rather spend on something that will directly improve your life. A rope-like device can be designed and manufactured for easy towing of a car by another car.

46. Service/Cleaning: Placing and maintaining bins around the community to promote a clean community.

47. Design/Manufacture/Footwear: There are quite a few people who know how to make shoes, but make ugly-looking shoes. There are those who know how  to design shoes but do not know how to make shoes. Designers can partner with shoemakers to create world standard made in Nigeria shoes.

48. Tech/Online directory: This idea is a platform for tailors to showcase their designs and even sell some of their ready-made designs and clothes. It’s also a platform for tailors to connect with potential designers and customers.

49. Tech/Events: There is a few event invitation application like Eventbrite, however, this idea is not to cover the kinds of events that Eventbrite covers. This event application is for smaller events like meetings, birthdays, meet-up with friends and so on.

50. Tech/Property: Most people put their best foot forward when entering contractual agreements. This is especially true of property rental arrangements. Some have signed a one year contract only to realize they have a tenant from hell. How about a platform to rent properties where landlords and tenants review each other? Who is this information useful for? Other landlords and tenants.

If you have an idea that you believe will be a good addition to the list, you can send an email to or leave a comment via the contact tab above with your name and the idea you want to share, and I will publish it along with the next series. Cheers

Start and Stay inspired. Together we can make Nigeria  great.

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Eyinimofe Adeniran

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