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101 Nigerian business ideas (31-40)

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The ‘Nigerian business idea series’ continues with ideas (31-40). The list contains a variety of ideas covering different spheres including the environment, NGO’s, product manufacturing and so on. 

Let the Ideas continue:  

31. Service/environment: On the continent of Africa, Lagos or should I say ‘Lah-gos’ is one of the most popular cities. Unfortunately many parts of Lagos are filled with dirty stagnant water, and trash littered across streets and inside gutters. An individual can set up a cleaning service to assist the Lagos state environmental agency to keep the streets and gutters of Lagos clean.

Somewhere in Lekki… Picture taken by Ebisere Aginighan on 16/5/16

(Idea contribution by Ebisere Aginighan)

32. Manufacturing/Appliance: One thing I can boldly say about Nigerians is that we love our suya. Overseas, many families bring out their barbecue grills during the summer; they get their families together and they have a cookout. Well, it is always summer here, so why not begin the manufacturing and selling of portable barbecue grills to be sold at an affordable price.

33. Property/lease:  rent and the payment for machinery are usually the biggest costs for anyone going into any kind of manufacturing. Apart from maintenance costs, these costs are one off payments. A platform can be created to connect those with space and machinery, to those looking to share space and machinery. 

34. Export/food stuff: there is a growing number of Nigerians living/studying in the diaspora. One thing many Nigerian crave abroad is Nigerian food. Semi-processed foods like egusi and garri can be exported out of Nigeria. Do your research, you do not need to obtain a NAFDAC number for every type of exports.  

35. Tech/appliances/equipment: there is a category I will like to open your eyes to: ‘wasted resources’. Many of us have appliances in our homes that we hardly use. For example, a lawn mower is not always in use by the owner 24/7 and there is no reason everyone in your street must go and buy a lawn mower when needed. A platform can be created that facilitates the sharing/leasing of certain household appliances/equipment

36. Education: The days are long gone when the only place a person can learn is in the confines of a physical classroom. There are many online educational channels where people can learn all manner of subjects. You can own your own online school and avoid all the administrative, regulatory and financial requirements that come with opening a physical educational establishment. The world can be your classroom. If you love biology and you love to teach, teach biology.

37. Content creation: Do you love food, travel and writing? Well, you can be a food critic. You can travel around the country sampling different meals, from street foods to restaurant foods, and writing a review about it. You can publish your reviews online or partner with a local newspaper. 

38. Tech/retail: One thing many of us have in our homes is clutter. We have clothes in our wardrobes we haven’t worn in many years and many of them we don’t intend to wear again. Many of those clothes are still in very good condition. A platform can be created for people to sell their fairly used clothes for money.

39. Tech/NGO: Some people have a passion for supporting and volunteering with various NGO’s that interest them, but I have found no clickable/useful online directory of Nigerian NGO’s and their descriptions and contacts. If I want to start a monthly donation to Motherless babies home, Google might not be able to help me because many do not have an online presence. 

40. Agriculture/Farming: For so many years Nigeria has relied on the importation of tomato purée, but with the ban on the importation of tin tomatoes, we as a nation have been left with only one choice: ‘produce our own tomato purée’. Anyone who goes into the tomato farming business will not have to look for customers. Very recently, Dangote had to suspend production of tomato paste in her Kano factory for lack of raw material. Companies like Ericson, OmoAlata, and Idee amongst others will be in constant need for high volumes of fresh tomatoes. (Read our insight into OmoAlata’s business and revenue model)

If you have an idea that you believe will be a good addition to the list, you can send an email to or leave a comment via the contact tab above with your name and the idea you want to share, and I will publish it along with the next series. Cheers

Start and Stay inspired. Together we can make Nigeria  great.

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