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101 Nigerian Business Ideas (11-20)

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The ‘ideas generation series’ continues. For those who read series 1:  101 Nigerian Business Ideas (1-10) and thought many of the ideas were not groundbreaking ideas. With a steady increase in unemployment among Nigerian Graduates, we all can’t afford to wait for that light bulb, groundbreaking, and disruptive idea to come to us. We have to get to work and begin executing the not-so-groundbreaking solutions to the basic problems we face on a daily basis.

Let the Ideas continue:

11. Manufacturing: I could not believe it when I read how Donald Trump dissed Nigerians in the Guardian newspaper that we do not  manufacture ‘matches’ what? Matches!!! Well, let’s try and fix that. Matches is a product that EVERY household uses in Nigeria. Both the rich and the poor use matches, I won’t even suggest we make matches cos they aren’t the safest things to use anyways. We can manufacture cooking compatible long lighters 

12. Tech/Hospitality: I know that there has been some innovation in the Nigerian hospitality space, however in a country of over 100 million people, I am pretty sure there is room for a few more players. This idea is not the or the Jovago idea that focuses on hotels or even staying at a branded hotels. This idea is more like the Airbnb or homestay idea. Many people own big houses in Nigeria, but when they go on holiday the houses are vacant or when their children get married, their children’s room are vacant. Occupants can list rooms in their house, or list their whole house on a platform for a visitors looking for short stays. 

13. Tech/content creation: Yes I know blogging is very popular. There is so much content in the world, and so many things competing for our attention that it seems like we have enough blogs. Blogging as an idea is not general blogging about celebrities and gossip (although this can be done), but Niche blogging. How about a blog about African women and cars: How to change tires, the best cars for women, what women should look out for when buying a car, etc. (obviously you should be passionate about cars to write a blog like that) note that you can find ways to monetize your content. Remember that blogging doesn’t have to be a long-term goal, it can actually be a goal behind a goal as the CEO of tech cabal said here

14. Homes/Manufacturing: I remember those secondary school days, specifically I remember mouka form and hard %&# pillows. I might not have understood it back then, why the mattress and pillow had to be so uncomfortable, but I still do not understand why we are still producing those kinds of mattresses and pillows. What happens to all the feathers on the chicken and turkey that we chow down? We can dry the feathers and use them to make soft *fit for a queen feather pillows*.  Innovation is also needed for mattresses. Softer foams, please. 

15. Tech/Labour: Unemployment is high in Nigeria. There are many people who have electrical, mechanical and other related skills needed by many households and offices in Nigeria. One major problem with labour in Nigeria is that labour is inconsistent. Many technicians cause more harm than good and many times as customers we vow to ourselves that we would not use a particular technician again. This is where the solution comes in an online directory for handy technical works. where this is different from yellow pages directory is the customer review/evaluation part.

16. Manufacturing/Beauty: There are many people making beauty products, specifically hair and skin. However, many of the products cater to the elites of society. People who have a passion for beauty should try to make products for the masses. Why is Dangote the richest man in Nigeria? cos he caters to the masses.  

17. Tech/Events: I have found that depending on the sector you are interested in, there are always conferences/workshops going on. One thing that is not as common among those events is that they don’t all request feedbacks after hosting their events. Event coordinators can actually outsource Feedback collection to a third-party company that has the sole responsibility of contacting participants and getting feedback. See my unsolicited GTBank food and drinks fair review. Imagine if GTBank knew that 1000 other participants felt the way I felt/observed the things I observed.  

18. Manufacturing/Fashion: Simply put, we might not all agree on the subject of women wearing trousers or the length of her skirt, but what we cannot disagree on is that everyone wears underwear. Imagine designing and selling affordable underwear for just 2% of the population?

19. Retail: Mystery shopper services are used all over the world by big corporations like McDonald and Sta-travel. Mystery shoppers use services like actual customers and then relay their experience back to the board. Imagine the impact on customer service if that Chicken Republic staff knows that the customer he is serving might actually be a *spy*. He might be inclined to be on his best behavior.  

20. Tech/Education: Electronic notebooks for secondary and university students. Simply put, our youths are staring into their electronic devices more than they are staring into their books. times have changed and we need to evolve with the times. We need to begin to transfer our print contents online. Do schools still use Ababio?

If you have an idea that you believe will be a good addition to the countdown, you can send an email to or leave a comment via the contact tab above with your name and the idea you want to share, and I will publish it along with the next series. Cheers

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